DPD’s New License Plate Reader Technology Pays Off

cameraOn December 23, 2013, at approximately 7:20 a.m., a female called 911 to report that a black male suspect, wearing a red hoodie, assaulted and robbed her of her purse at Barclay Street and Lolita Drive. She reported that the suspect fled in a tan Lincoln and provided officers with a license plate number.

Officer Thomas Mills, #9149, was driving a License Plate Reader (LPR) equipped squad car and immediately called the Fusion Center once he was sure that the suspect vehicle tag was accurate. Officer Mills asked that the suspect tag be entered into the LPR system and checked for any recent LPR history.

Fusion Analysts worked with the information and were able to determine a location where the suspect vehicle license plate had been repeatedly read by a fixed LPR camera. The Fusion Analyst relayed the information to officers in the field and within one hour of the offense, officers were able to locate the vehicle and arrest the suspects at 9600 Scyene Road.