Is there a Doctor in the House? Dallas Police Officer Delivers….literally

baby picOn February 1, 2014, at approximately 10:55pm, Police Officers Ariana Hernandez, #10458, and Lamar Glass II, #10362, were in their squad car at Parkland Memorial Hospital on Harry Hines Boulevard.

The officers heard a female and a male yelling for help in the parking lot.  When they went to investigate, the officers discovered a woman going into active labor in the parking lot.  Officer Glass ran to get medical assistance while Officer Hernandez stayed with the couple.

Officer Hernandez saw that the baby’s head was crowning and quickly removed her police jacket to catch the baby and to keep it warm.  The man who was with the woman wanted to pull the baby out before the woman had completely delivered it.  However, Officer Hernandez prevented this, thus saving the baby and the woman from any bodily injury.

Officer Hernandez kept the woman calm throughout the entire delivery process and wrapped the baby in her jacket to keep it warm.  Officer Hernandez continued to calm the couple until Officer Glass returned with hospital staff.

Officer Ariana Hernandez has been nominated by Southeast Patrol Division as the Officer of the Month.  Way to Go!!!!