K9 Rookie Makes First Arrest

On February 8th, Senior Corporal Troy Klinglesmith & his K-9 partner “Diesel” apprehended an escaped prisoner in a wooded area in the 2600 block of Lone Star Drive.  The prisoner escaped from patrol officers who were transporting the juvenile prisoner to Dallas County Justice Center.  The suspect ran into a nearby wooded area.  While enroute, Senior Corporal Klinglesmith requested that patrol officers stay out of the woods but to set up a perimeter.  After arriving at the scene, Senior Corporal Klinglesmith and Diesel were briefed and escorted to where the prisoner last entered the woods.  Diesel almost immediately picked up the scent and a short time after, the prisoner was caught hiding in the wooded area.

What makes this arrest exceptional is that Senior Corporal Klinglesmith and Diesel had just completed training a few days prior.  This was Diesel’s first catch.  Way to go Diesel!!!!