Burglars Caught Red Handed

burglarOn the morning of January 28, 2014, Dallas Police Department’s Southwest Patrol officers on-viewed a burglary offense on South Ewing Ave. The suspects fled, but were captured a short while later. Even with the eyewitnesses being police officers, it is essential that a complete prosecution package be submitted to the Dallas County District Attorney.

In this case, Southwest Detective Marilyn Edwards obtained information from one of the two suspects, who implicated both himself and his accomplice. Detective Edwards was also able to identify the location of the stolen property. Detective Edwards met with the juvenile suspect and his mother.

During this interview the suspect admitted to the offense as well as two additional burglaries. Detective Edwards obtained consent to search from the suspect’s mother resulting in the recovery of property from several burglaries. Detective Edwards did an exceptional job in working with the juvenile and his mother to sort out the elements of multiple offenses. The information she obtained has enhanced the case and recovered stolen property which was returned to the complainant.