Murder Suspect Arrested

On February 18, 2014, at approximately 7:15 am, Pedro Calixto-Velenta was seen falling from a white Chevy Blazer in the 7900 block of the LBJ service road. A suspect driving the Blazer continued driving and was involved in an accident in the 12200 block of Coit Road where he abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. Velenta had been stabbed multiple times.

Velenta was transported to Medical City Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Crime Scene Response Unit processed the Blazer and inside two bank receipts were found showing transactions occurring earlier in the day. Velenta’s cell phone was also found in the vehicle and text messages were found on the phone that appeared to indicate Velenta was arguing with someone.

Research into the phone number from which the texts were sent showed the number came from an individual named Gaspar Enciso, L/m/01-05-1997. Surveillance footage from the bank showed Velenta and Enciso withdrawing money. Witnesses were shown still images from the video and identified Enciso as the man with Velenta during the transactions.

Detectives located Enciso and questioned him. During the interrogation, Enciso stated he stabbed Velenta. Enciso was placed under arrest and charged with Murder.