Is Your Car on the List of Texas’ Most Stolen Vehicles?

Don't Become a Victim

Don’t Become a Victim

In 2013, there were 7,384 vehicles stolen in the city of Dallas.  That is an average of 615 vehicles per month!

With over 1,300 vehicles already stolen this year, we must continue to work together to reduce these staggering numbers by preventing this type of crime from occurring.

Let’s first recognize the top 10 vehicles stolen in the state of Texas:

1.     Ford Pick Up             6.     Honda Accord

2.     Chevrolet Pick Up     7.     GMC Pick Up

3.     Dodge Pick Up          8.     Toyota Camry

4.     Chevrolet Tahoe       9.     Ford Taurus

5.      Honda Civic            10.    Chevrolet Impala

Auto theft can be prevented by following simple steps. Below are just a few tips to help you prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

•             Never leave your vehicle unattended with keys in the ignition

•             Lock your doors and keep the windows closed, even when parked in front of your home

•             Park in busy and well-lit areas

•             Do not leave in plain view valuables such as GPS, GPS holder, cell phone, iPads, etc.

•             Equip your vehicle with an alarm or other anti-theft devices

•             Never leave your vehicle registration or other personal documents in your vehicle

Following these safety tips should help prevent you from becoming a victim of auto theft and/or break-ins.  But if you do become a victim of auto theft, report it immediately. Provide local authorities with the make/model/license plate and vehicle ID number (VIN).