Dallas Police tips on how to identify a Chop Shop

How to identify a Chop Shop

Several indicators that are consistently part of illicit “chop shops”

  • Presence of numerous engines, transmissions, fuel tanks, truck bed liners, doors, rim and tires, on the ground or against walls or buildings.
  • Multiple vehicles in various stages of being dismantled
  • Equipment used by these suspects such as electric hoist in trees, or a block hoist for engine or transmission removal from vehicles.
  • Cutting tools, to include welding rigs or torches, or other cutting saws used on metal parts.

Location of this shop

  • Is normally hidden from the normal view by high fences.
  • Sometimes vacant houses will be used at late nighttime hours.
  • Large tarps are used to hide the vehicles at this location.
  • Suspects working on vehicles in the late night or very early morning hours.
  • Vehicles entering into the back of these locations and never coming out.
  • Sometimes trailers are seen leaving these locations with vehicle parts or sections that have been cut-up in pieces.

What do and who do I call to help the Police