Police Release Statement on 635 Traffic Tie Up

Jack Evans

On March 18, shortly after 1:00 pm Dallas police responded to an injury accident on eastbound LBJ Freeway near Audelia Road.  As officers were assigned and responding, additional collisions occurred — at least 7 in all. 

The resultant traffic back up made police response difficult at best and some motorists, apparently unwilling to wait until the collisions could be cleared, took it upon themselves to go against the flow of traffic in an effort to get out of the congestion.  Adding to the difficulties, one well-intentioned officer appears to have directed some motorists up a closed ramp to try and get them off the freeway with no success.

In all, 14 Dallas police squads were assigned to assist with the collision investigation and resultant traffic tie up.  Officers worked to clear the collision scenes as soon as possible and we regret that because of the location of the collisions, limited access to alternate routes and directions to a closed ramp by our officer, the problem was not cleared sooner.