Chief David O. Brown Disciplines Officer

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Jack Evans

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown has terminated Police Officer Rene Villanueva, #9068, after an internal affairs investigation found that Villanueva failed to conduct a proper felony stop following a pursuit, used excessive force against a citizen and brought discredit to the department when he was indicted by a Dallas County Grand Jury for Official Oppression and Assault on March 12, 2014.

The indictment stems from actions Officer Villanueva took on November 10, 2013.  Officer Villanueva was working an off-duty job at a club in the 400 block of South Buckner Boulevard.  At around 2:25 am that morning, Villanueva watched as Mr. Ambrosio Monsavais sped through the parking lot. Officer Villanueva, in a marked squad car, tried to pull over the speeding vehicle but Mr. Monsavais fled.

Officer Villanueva pursued Mr. Monsavais until, after a few minutes, he pulled over in the 400 block of Hillburn Drive.  Officer Villanueva then, failed to perform a required felony stop and approached Mr. Monsavais’ vehicle alone with his gun drawn.

Officer Villanueva opened the driver’s door of Mr. Monsavais’ pickup truck, reached into the cab of the truck with his left hand and made a punching motion with his sidearm, in his right hand, into the cab of the truck.  Officer Villanueva then holstered his weapon but made two additional strikes with his right hand into the cab of the vehicle.

Officer Villanueva then pulled Mr. Monsavais from the cab of the vehicle and forcefully placed him on the ground.  Officer Villanueva can be seen on squad car dash camera footage delivering additional strikes while he attempted to handcuff Mr. Monsavais.

Another officer arrived and assisted Officer Villanueva in placing handcuffs on Mr. Monsavais.  Mr. Monsavais received lacerations above his left eye as a result of the incident. 

Chief Brown originally held a disciplinary hearing on this case on March 11, 2014 and postponed making a decision on this case because of information that was discussed in that hearing.  In the interim, Officer Villanueva was re-indicted on the Charges of Official Oppression and Assault on March 12, 2014.

Officer Villanueva was hired in March of 2007 and was assigned to the Northeast Patrol Division.

Under civil service rules, Officer Villanueva has the right to appeal this discipline.