Burglar Caught in the Act by the North Central Division

North Central Division make a great arrest when they caught a burglar in the act at the 7700 block of El Pastel. Last week a homeowner was able to capture video on their home surveillance camera the license plate of a suspect vehicle that was used during a burglary.

On Monday, March 24, 2014, covert/plain clothes officers observed the suspect vehicle driving on Preston Road and began to follow it. The suspect vehicle drove down numerous alleys before stopping on El Pastel. The suspect was arrested by uniformed officers after he was observed by covert officers burglarizing the shed at the location. Once the suspect was placed under arrest, the stolen property from the burglary on El Pastel was returned to the homeowner. Officers searched the arrestees vehicle and found other property that may also be stolen property. The suspect arrested has been identified as Blas Cortez L/M/6-12-76 and was transported to Lew Sterret. The burglary offense is documented on case number 69393-B. Detectives believe that the arrestee may also be responsible for additional burglaries.

The homeowner who had just been burglarized contacted Chief Brown and praised the officers with the following comments:

“Nice! Great police work! Thanks to you chief! That kind of fine police work makes my wife and I proud of the Department which makes us feel safer in our home.”