Cockfighting Ring Busted in Pleasant Grove

Jack EvansNeighbors of the 2700 block of Lewiston Anevue were upset to find a group of 25 people involved in cockfighting, so they did the right thing and called police. This incident occurred on March 23rd.

 Upon arrival, officers discovered a large group of individuals, along with automobiles parked all over the back yard containing roosters in cages.  Dallas Animal Services officials responded as well and confiscated 45 roosters and an additional 77 roosters were euthanized.  

 During this operation, 9 vehicles were towed and 14 citations were issued to participants watching the cockfight.

 Southeast Investigative Unit Detectives are in the process of interviewing the suspect in control of the listed location. Additional charges are pending. 

 Animal Cruelty Case #68714-B.