Dallas SWAT Receives APC

Today, the Dallas Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit received a new Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) to augment its existing equipment. This new APC is a marked improvement over previous versions, one of which was used most recently in the active shooter in downtown Dallas.

SWAT's new Armored Personnel Carrier

SWAT’s new Armored Personnel Carrier


The new APC is larger and has more features than the older models. It has a mechanical ram which allows officers to breach locations without having to place officers in harm’s way.

It also features 4 doors and a rear exit (previous models only had 2 doors) which gives officers more options on how to approach or position the APC for entry into hostile locations or to effect citizen rescues. Another door improvement is the way in which it opens. All of the doors open in the same direction as a standard car door which affords officers additional cover should they need it. The older model had doors which opened in the opposite direction.

SWAT is often tasked with going into high risk situations. This new addition to the fleet will enhance the efficiency and safety of SWAT operations.