Dallas Police Release Poster and Flyer Seeking Info

shieldwhtbkg_master 000 Dallas police homicide detectives released two items today, a flyer and poster seeking additional information in two recent unrelated homicide cases. 

Detectives investigating the disappearance and murder of D’Lisa Kelley are distributing a poster to various places where Ms. Kelley might have been seen or places where she frequented in hopes that someone might be able to provide police with additional details into her case.  Ms. Kelley disappeared on March 7, only to be found murdered on March 14, 2014. 

Detectives are also distributing flyers to a limited area near where Troy Causey was killed – the neighborhood around 6300 Cinnamon Oaks.  Detectives are hoping that anyone in that community who may have photos, videos or information related to Causey’s murder will contact them.  Troy Causey was killed in a fight with another individual on March 23, 2014.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dallas police homicide detectives at 214.671.3661.