UPDATED: Pyrotechnics Missing from Music Festival

UPDATED 4/4/14 @ 9:55pm

Contractors have concluded their inventory of pyrotechnics and have verified that they are missing only the item that has been reported.  The approximate dimensions of the missing item are 11”W x 17”L x 12”D


UPDATED 4/4/14 @ 9:40pm

Joint Information Center News Release Additional Information on Missing Pyrotechnics In response to the report of missing pyrotechnics, contractors have undertaken a review of all inventory to verify quantities.  This inventory process is currently in progress. Detectives are working alongside contractors in this process. We have also initiated the investigative process to determine the circumstances surrounding the missing pyrotechnics.  Detectives are processing the scene for physical evidence and are seeking information from anyone who has knowledge about the items. Additional Dallas Fire Rescue elements have been added to the Dallas venues as a precautionary measure and  canines capable of detecting pyrotechnic material are conducting sweeps of multiple locations.  We are in communication with our federal partners to assist in precautionary measures.

Earlier today workers with the company who were contracted to provide the fireworks show for the March Madness Music Festival, reported that a quantity of pyrotechnics associated with the show were missing from the staging area on the parking garage on the Houston Street viaduct. As a precaution, authorities have taken steps to increase security at all NCAA venues and other scheduled event locations in the area where large numbers of people are expected. We are including a representative photograph of missing pyrotechnics with this release. Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of these pyrotechnics is asked to call 9-1-1 or 214.670.4279. imageimage