NCAA Honors Dallas Officers


NCAA Honors Dallas Police

During tonight’s game, the NCAA will be honoring 20 of Dallas and Arlington’s police and fire personnel. These public safety officers were given free tickets for tonight’s semi-final games a a show of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the community they serve.

Commanders had the painstaking task of selecting, out of many deserving officers, those who would attend the games and sit in a luxury suite, courtesy of sponsors with the NCAA. The following Dallas officers were recognized:

Sergeant Michael Smith, #6141
Officer Robin Swan, #8506
Officer Andrew Duba, #9271
Officer Matthew Carlson, #9996
Officer Ben Smith, #8371
Sergeant Melissa Gregg, #6953
Officer Tina Hill, #10232
Officer Ebony Harris, #10181
Officer Jake Morgan, #9739
Officer Ed Tarangioli, #9748
Officer Yahir Perez, #10407
Officer Ryan Mabry, #10083
Lieutenant Matthew Williamson

Our thanks go out to the NCAA for recognizing and honoring these brave men and women.