Police Department Enhances Youth Operations Investigative Efficiency

Jack Evans

The Police Department has gained additional investigative effectiveness through the reorganization of the Youth Operations Unit. 

This reorganization: 

  • Creates a more even caseload for all of the detectives in the Youth Operations Unit
  • Permits for a more rapid response to critical field incidents
  • Delivers greater around the clock investigative coverage with less need to call detectives back from home
  • Ensures more supervisory oversight of the investigative process 

The Youth Operations Unit includes the Missing Persons Squad consisting of one sergeant and seven detectives. Prior to April 1, 2014 this was the only squad charged with investigating missing persons, critical missing persons and runaways. On April 1st, the squad was merged with the rest of the Youth Operations Unit creating a workforce of twenty detectives and four sergeants to investigate these missing person offenses, as well as offenses committed by or against juveniles. 

The Dallas Police Department believes this change will provide more effective and efficient service to the citizens of Dallas.