Busted: Employee Caught Stealing

employee theftOn April 9, 2014, Dallas Police Detective Alan Solis received a Theft offense from a local Dallas jewelry store. During the investigation, Detective Solis determined the suspect was an employee of the jewelry store and was selling the jewelry on Craig’s List.

Management from the store was able to provide Detective Solis with stockroom video of the suspect removing jewelry from inventory and placing it in her purse. Detective Solis had the suspect arrested after securing a warrant. A search incident to arrest revealed numerous items belonging to the jewelry store in the suspect’s purse.

The suspect admitted that she had been stealing from the jewelry store since January 2014 and selling the items on Craig’s List. Based on information gleaned from the interview, Detective Solis secured and executed a search warrant of the suspect’s apartment. Numerous additional items belonging to the jewelry store were located at the suspect’s apartment. The total amount of the property recovered from the suspect’s purse and apartment were valued at approximately $18,800.

The suspect was placed in jail for theft with additional charges forthcoming.

Gregory 10-4-1988

Mary Suzanne Gregory DOB: 10-4-1988

 Dallas Police Case # 83737-B