Caught Red -Handed


One just might consider the City of Dallas an artistic city. Dallas has great architecture, the Arts District, the Design District, the renowned Dallas Museum of Art, and countless other art related areas. Unfortunately, you also have unwanted graffiti taggers that run around defacing our beautiful city displaying their often unwanted artistic values. Undercover Dallas Police officers just so happen to catch some of the graffiti taggers literally, red-handed.

On April 10, 2014, at about 2:00 AM, plain clothes officers patrolling the lower Greenville Avenue corridor saw Anthony Evans, White male 11/14/1987, and Larry Clack, White male 5/17/1990, spray painting a wall of a privately owned business. The plain clothes officers called for a mark squad car who responded and took the two suspects into custody. The suspects had several spray paint cans and other supplies associated with graffiti tagging in their possession. A representative for the business that the two suspects spray painted gave no one permission to spray paint on the property. The two suspects were arrested and transported to Lew Sterrett where they were charged with Graffiti, Misdemeanor B.

Some might say Graffiti is art and it has a place in an artistic city and that might be true, but there is just one thing…without permission it’s illegal. Here’s a tip; next time ask the owner if you can paint something artistic on their property that may be a positive contribution to the community. You may be surprised and deliver a masterpiece.