Juvenile Brothers Attacked

DPD TwittterOn Saturday April 12 at around 10pm, two brothers, a L/M/12 and L/M/15,  were walking at 7900 Antoinette Street near S. Buckner Blvd and C F Hawn Frwy when they were approached by 4 to 5 B/M juvenile suspects and one B/F  juvenile suspect. The suspects are all described as around 15 years old.

The suspects surrounded the two brothers and demanded property from them.  As the 12 year old L/M attempted to flee, two suspects assaulted him and caused the 12 year old to strike his head on the ground.

After the suspects fled,  the older brother carried the unconscious 12 year old boy to their apartment and Dallas Fire Rescue responded and transported the child to Children’s Medical Center.  The 12 year old has suffered a head injury and remains in critical condition.

Witnesses have come forward to assist the investigation and detectives are in the process of interviewing them.  The Department is optimistic that the case can be solved based on the strong leads that have been developed by detectives.

 Further information will be provided as it becomes available.