Hoax Bomb Suspect Runs out of Gas in Georgia

Bank RobberyDallas police were notified today that bank robbery suspect Steven Plunkett (W/M 39yrs old) was arrested early this morning in Cummings, Georgia.  He was found on the side of the road after his pickup truck had run out of gas. An officer stopped to check on him and recognized him as a wanted person.  Plunkett was wanted on a local charge and an additional hoax device was found in his possession.

Dallas police, working with the FBI, filed one bank robbery charge on Plunkett stemming from his actions on March 28, 2014 where he robbed the Wells Fargo Bank in the 2600 block of Cedar Springs Drive.  Police additionally believe that he is responsible for 3 additional bank robberies committed in a similar manner. During the March 28 offense, Plunkett presented a hoax bomb and a note in the drive-through and escaped with cash from the bank (Dallas police case # 73301-B)

Additional offenses:

March 24, 2014 – Chase Bank at 10729 Preston Rd. 69651-B March 25, 2014 – Wells Fargo Bank at 14999 Preston Rd. 70561-B April 10, 2014 – Wells Fargo Bank at 18190 Dallas Pkwy 84920-B The investigation led Dallas Detectives and FBI Agents of the Violent Crime Task Force to Mr. Plunkett.  Lineups were shown to witnesses on these cases with positive result.  Detectives obtained a federal warrant for Bank Robbery yesterday morning.