Who Used a Detective’s Stolen Credit Card?

suspectPolice officers are not immune from being victims of crime and on January 14, 2014, between about 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM, an unknown suspect stole cash and a credit card out of a wallet that was on his desk for a several minutes inside police headquarters and in a locker at the local gym.

About two and half hours after the theft, the unidentified suspect pictured at left and on the bulletin, used the stolen credit card at Macys in the Galleria Mall, Macys inside the Northpark Shopping Center and Dillard’s inside Northpark. He bought 3 iPads from two different electronics vending machines and a leather jacket from Dillards.  The suspect in these offenses has yet to be identified. Public Integrity detectives are asking for help identifying this suspect. Detectives are not certain if the suspect who used the credit card is the same individual who stole the items.

The suspect is a Black male in his 30’s, 5’8’’ to 5 ‘10’’ average weight, mustache (maybe a beard based on the photo) wearing a Kangaroo logo hat, seen wearing black pants and a black leather jacket.

Anyone who knows the identity of the pictured suspect is asked to contact Detective Kennedy-Cahee at 214-671-3265. (See below bulletin)