Murder Suspect Arrested

Attached is the Arrest Affidavit for Umana-Amaya,Jonathan,Geovanni L/M/ 6-22-95. Arrestee Umana-Amaya shot complainant Esquivel, Jose in the 9700 Abernathy Avenue on 3-22-2014. Arrestee Umana-Amaya is being charged with Capital Murder F/1. Arrestee Umana-Amaya was arrested today in the 1500 Cheyenne in connection with the murder of Jose Esquivel.

On 3-23-2014 a witness voluntarily came to the Dallas Police Headquarters and was interviewed by detectives. The witness stated they and a friend went to 9700 Abernathy Avenue to engage in a drug transaction. The witness stated that the victim exited his vehicle and entered another vehicle. The witness indicated they believed that the victim was being assaulted. When the victim exited the suspect’s vehicle, the victim was shot by the driver.

On 4-24-2014 a confidential source gave credible information regarding the offense. The witness told detectives that arrestee Umana-Amaya confided that he set up the victim to rob him and the victim stated that he was going to have to shoot him. Arrestee Umana-Amaya then shot complainant Esquivel.