Teen’s Murderer Behind Bars

Vicente, victorOn April 4, 2014, the body of 15 year old murder victim Vivian Saldana was found in a vacant field at 9300 Teagarden in Dallas.  It would be almost a week before family would be able to identify her by tattoos on her body.  Detectives would later discover that it was just days before, on March 25, 2014, that Victor Vicente L/M 8-15-1995 had shot young Vivian multiple times in the back seat of a car near Scyene Road in Dallas.

Through the course of their investigation, Detectives uncovered evidence that Ms. Saldana had also been involved in a capital murder along with a witness, Jonathan Umana-Amaya L/M 6-22-1995, that occurred on March 22, 2014 at 9726 Abernathy.  During an interrogation, Umana-Amaya told Detectives that he was in the front seat of the car when Vicente shot Vivian while they were driving.  Umana-Amaya added that he started to help Vicente remove Saldana’s body from the car and that Vicente shot Vivian an additional time before dumping her body in the vacant lot. 

Although Umana-Amaya denied having shot Ms. Saldana, he went on to admit that he had been planning on killing Vivian because she had told him that she was going to tell police that he had committed a murder in North Dallas.  Victor Vicente has been charged with murder in this case and was already in jail on a weapons charge.