FOUND: Critical Missing

UPDATE: May 2, 2014 @2:00pm

Alejandra told detectives that on April 23, 2014, she was found using a school computer without authorization or supervision.  She was escorted to her teacher’s classroom and explained to her what she had been doing.  Her teacher then scolded her, and then told Alejandra to apologize to several other teachers.

Alejandra told detectives that at that point she feared that she would be in further trouble once her mother was notified.  She then walked out of Sunset High School at approximately 1:30pm and described walking across the Margaret Hunt Bridge.

Alejandra was not sure where she was going but she walked along railroad tracks by night, and slept by day so that she would not be noticed.  She said that she encountered very few people while she traveled, and said that she had not had anything to eat or drink during her absence. Alejandra did not provide much further information other. She was tired and hungry, but otherwise in good condition.

Alejandra was reunited with her mother and sister after being interviewed.  The three of them spent approximately 15 minutes in private in an interview room and stated that they wanted to go home when they came out.  Alejandra was very quiet and reserved and her mother did not want further exposure to the media so Youth detectives escorted the complainant and her sister out of headquarters and met her mother at a different location.

Crisis Intervention caseworkers interviewed the family and will be following up with Metrocare and Sunset High School to ensure that the Alejandra’s needs are met.

UPDATE: May 1, 2014 @12:00pm

Critical missing person Alejandra Gonzalez has been found safe in Denton, Texas. 


Press Conference

At about 11:30am a resident in the 800 block of Orchid Lane in Copper Canyon, Tx – near Denton, Tx – called the Denton County Sheriff’s Office to report a suspicious person wearing a hoodie, standing in their backyard.  When Sheriff’s deputies arrived they discovered that it was Alejandra Gonzalez, missing since April 23, 2014. 

They called an ambulance to give her a precautionary examination and noted that she said that she was a little hungry.  Otherwise she appeared to be physically fine considering the circumstances.  

Dallas police missing persons detectives were dispatched to Denton to retrieve Alejandra.  She was brought back to Dallas Police Department Headquarters where she will undergo a follow up interview in an effort to determine where she’s been and what has happened to her over the course of her disappearance. 

Alejandra’s family expressed their thanks to the assembled media and to the police agencies involved in the investigation of her disappearance and in her recovery.  Alejandra’s sister said that the first thing she would do when she saw her sister was to give her a hug.

April 28, 2014 @ 9:39am The Dallas Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a critically missing person.