Murder Suspect Arrested


Johnathan Tramaine Turner B/M/-1/20/1995, was arrested today and charged with the Murder of Troy Causey.  Turner’s arrest stems from his participation in the physical assault of Complainant Causey that occurred on March 23, 2014, in the 6300 block of Cinnamon Oaks Drive.    

According to multiple witnesses, Complainant Causey and Suspect Turner began arguing inside a residence over a video game.  They moved outside where both the complainant and Turner engaged in a fight.  Turner admits to striking Troy and causing him to fall to the ground where he struck his head.  However, his statement of what occurred is not consistent with the physical evidence at the scene.  He was taken to the hospital where he died the following day as a result of injuries sustained in the assault.

The witnesses gave virtually the exact same story which also raised red flags with detectives.  Similarly to statements by Johnson, statements by many witnesses were inconsistent with physical evidence at the scene.  After the ME’s office performed the autopsy, detectives learned that the complainant’s head fracture was not consistent with the complainant’s head striking the ground, but that from blunt force trauma. 

Detectives continue to investigate this offense to determine the identity of any additional suspects who may have been involved in the assault of Troy Causey.