Lottery Scam

suspects The Dallas Police Department is looking for two suspects involved in scamming a 65 year old female out of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on April 24, 2014.

Ms. Virginia Rodriguez was convinced by a Hispanic couple that she could share in the proceeds of an 11 million dollar Lottery win. She was initially asked to provide $35,000.00 in cash. However, when Ms. Rodriguez told the suspects that she did not have that much money, they advised her that if she could provide merchandise she could still partake in the winning. She agreed.

Ms. Rodriguez was then taken to the North Park Center where she used her credit card(s) to purchase various merchandise valuing in excess of $10,000.00. These items included assorted jewelry, watches and Louis Vuitton bags. Video footage shown on the link below is of the transaction at the Ben Bridge Jewelers. The video shows the suspects and Ms. Rodriguez as she purchase a TAG watch valued over $3000.00.

Anyone who knows the identity of these two suspects is asked to contact Det. Cervantes with the Dallas Police Department’s Property Crimes at 214-671-3544.

This incident is documented on case number 97806-B