Community Outreach Representative Thanh Cung Retires


Yesterday, the Office of Community Affairs said goodbye to a beloved colleague – Thanh Cung. Thanh Cung retired  after serving 18 years with the Dallas Police Department.

Mr. Cung was born and raised in Vietnam. He served in the South Vietnam Army and fought alongside the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War before emigrating to America and joining the Dallas Police Department. His assignments included Central Patrol, Love Field airport and the Office of Community Affairs. In his assignment in Community Affairs, he has performed tirelessly by handling the organizational side of community events. He also conducted a weekly Vietnamese radio show to share information and build a positive relationship between the police department and  the Vietnamese community. In addition to his work in the community, he has also assisted the Dallas police and other local agencies by translating for them in any case involving a Vietnamese speaker.

He will be greatly missed by the police department and the community.