Chief Brown on Academy Allegations

Chief BrownI have reviewed the actions taken by the police academy staff and chain of command through the Assistant Chief level related to the allegations of sexual harassment made by a recruit at the academy.

In March of 2014, a female recruit complained that a fellow male recruit sent her inappropriate photographs and text messages.  After investigating the allegations and interviewing the involved recruits, the academy staff deemed the reported behavior to be inappropriate.  This distinction was consistent with long standing department policy based on the behavior occurring off duty and not on city premises.

The recruit who reported this inappropriate conduct also stated that another recruit had been sexually harassed by the same male recruit.  Police academy staff interviewed this additional recruit who stated in writing that there had been no inappropriate behavior towards her from that accused male recruit.

Police academy staff therefore counseled with all involved recruits.

During my review of the situation, we received new and additional information from the sister of the recruit reporting the inappropriate conduct – also a recruit in this academy class – who stated that she had been in a consensual relationship with the accused recruit and had, in fact, asked him to send the pictures in question to her sister’s phone because her phone was incapable of receiving pictures.

Furthermore, the recruit who made the original allegations of inappropriate behavior has since made additional allegations saying that this same male recruit has been staring at her, calling her names under his breath and blocking her path at work when she walks.  

We are currently consulting with the City Attorney’s office on how to most appropriately address these new allegations.