Kids Rescued from Mother’s Attempted Drowning


Sonja Gardner

Sonja Gardner

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, at 7:00 pm, neighbors living at the Rosemont at Cedar Crest Apartments in the 3300 block of Southern Oaks Boulevard heard children screaming inside a nearby apartment and called for police.  While officers were on their way, other people in the complex heard the disturbance while walking by the apartment. The older son of the suspect, Jydesmon Gardner B/M/18,  heard the children and forced his way into the apartment.  Mr. Gardner then discovered that the mother, Suspect Sonja Gardner, was attempting to drown her two small children in the bathtub. 

Jydesmon Gardner removed the 4 year old and returned for the 6 year old but found the front door locked.  Witnesses stated that Mr. Gardner kicked in the door and rescued the 6 year old from the residence.  One of the neighbors looked inside the suspect’s apartment and heard Suspect Sonja Gardner yelling that she was sorry for trying to drown her kids.  The children were soaking wet and told a witness at the scene that their mother tried to drown them in the tub.  Both children stayed with neighbors until police arrived.  The children are in the custody of Child Protective Services.

The mother, Sonja Gardner, B/F/8-7-1978, was arrested and charged with two counts of Attempted Capital Murder on Case Numbers 123767-B and 123768-B. 

Jydesmon Gardner left before officers arrival due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest on an unrelated case.  It appears that his actions may have saved the lives of the two children.  Detectives would like to speak to Mr. Gardner as a witness and are asking him to turn himself in.