Officer Involved Shooting


dpd stock photoAt approximately 5:45 am, a witness called 911 from a convenience store located at Southwestern and Skillman. The caller informed the 911 Call Taker that a female complainant approached the witness and said that she was being held against her will.  The complainant gave an address on Belmont Avenue before being made to leave by a male suspect. This information led officers to a residence in the 6000 block of Belmont Avenue. 

Once the officers arrived, they observed the female complainant and the male suspect walk outside the residence onto the front porch when the suspect suddenly shot the complainant.  An officer returned fire at the suspect.  The suspect retreated back into the residence while the officers rescued the complainant and moved her to a safe location until DFR arrived.

Shortly thereafter, the officers heard multiple shots being fired from inside the residence.  They set up a perimeter and called for SWAT.

The female complainant was transported to Baylor Hospital where she remains in critical condition.

SWAT arrived and took control of the scene.  After several hours of trying to reach the suspect inside, SWAT deployed a distraction device and made entry.  At about 11:20 am, SWAT discovered the suspect deceased inside the residence.

There were no officers injured during this incident.  It appears thus far that only one officer discharged his weapon.    However, the investigation is still in the early stages and information may change.  As a common course of action, the involved officer(s) will be placed on Administrative Leave.