Arrest in Aggravated Assault Investigation

An Affidavit for Arrest Warrant was issued today for Xavien Deavonni Griffin, B/M/ 06/15/1991, for Aggravated Assault Serious Bodily Injury. This incident occurred on May 26, 2014, at approximately 5:45 am, when Suspect Griffin hit the Complainant Bryan Gitenya with his hand causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the concrete. This offense occurred in the 2500 block of Royal Lane. Suspect Griffin is in jail on a $150,000 bond.

The Assault stim from an arguement between Suspect Griffin and Complainant Gitenya. During the argument, Suspect Griffin hit the complainant with his hand, causing Complainant Gitenya to fall backwards and hit his head on the concrete. Complainant Gitenya was knocked unconscious and transported to Parkland Hospital by DFR. Complainant Gitenya condition is very critical.

A witness, who observed the incident, identified Suspect Griffin in a line-up. This incident is documented on Service Number 126867.