Do You Know Why You’re Being Pulled Over?

IMG_3251Ronald Durbin was driving in the 5000 block of Columbia Avenue the morning of May 13th, when he was pulled over for not using a signal as he was making a turn. What could have been a simple traffic violation turned out to be so much more.

The two officers from the Central Patrol Division ran Ronald Durbin’s name through the system as a normality; that’s when they discovered that Mr. Durbin had several warrants out for his arrest. After confirming the warrants and placing him under arrest, they conducted a legal search of his vehicle. This is when this story takesCredit Cards Fraud a major turn (signal).

The officers found a duffle bag that was in the back seat of Mr. Durbin’s SUV. This bag was like a dream piñata for identity theft offenders. It was full of various credit cards and IDs belonging to other people, as well as cash and drugs.

Mr. Durbin was taken to police headquarters for questioning by the Financial Crimes Unit. Mr. Durbin complained of feeling ill due to high blood pressure and was transported to Parkland for treatment. After being released from the hospital, he was transported to the Dallas County Jail for Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information and Tampering with Government Records.