Carry the Load

The 4th annual Carry the Load event had it’s largest turn out to date in Dallas. There were many first timers and returning volunteers at the Dallas Memorial March. Dallas Police Department’s Lieutenant Rick Andrews was honored at the event for his many years of service with Carry the Load.

Carry the Load was founded by former Navy SEAL and war veteran Clint Bruce and fellow Navy SEAL veteran Stephen Holley.

Bruce said that he “sat at a barbecue on Memorial Day, and thought about his friends he lost in combat. He couldn’t help but notice that the people around him had a very different view of what Memorial Day meant. To some it was a party. To others, a day off of work. Not knowing what else to do, Clint came up with a way to honor his fallen brethren, and share in the pain that they went through to give us our freedom. He decided to do what he did most when he was protecting our country along side the buddies he lost. Clint strapped on his pack and began walking, all the while thinking about the guys that sacrificed for him, and for you. As he walked, he encountered another veteran, an older gentleman who knew exactly why, and exactly what Bruce was doing without either of them speaking a word. With understanding and wisdom the man simply said, “Son, who are you carrying?” And with those five words, Carry The Load was born.”

The purpose behind the organization is to honor fallen men and women in the military, law enforcement, firefighters and rescue personnel.

Their mission is to remind people what Memorial Day is truly about.