Aggravated Robbery Arrest

Burglar_2Plano Police Department was looking for an aggravated robbery suspect. On May 21, 2014, Senior Corporal Rosso was contacted by a Plano PD detective because the suspect was known to hang out around the Vista Buena apartments located at 13350 Maham Road and the Vinings apartments located at 13479 North Central Expressway.

Senior Corporal Rosso provided a picture of the suspect to the Crime Response Team. The following day, Officer Jernigan saw a suspicious vehicle parked behind the Visa Buena apartment at 10:15 a.m.  with five occupants in the car.

He watched the vehicle for half an hour and then called for cover after seeing that the individuals were not going to exit the vehicle.

After cover arrived, the officers approached the vehicle and found the robbery suspect sitting in the back seat. He was detained and subsequently arrested after Plano PD arrived with the warrant.

This valiant effort could not have been possible if wasnt for great communication, patience and teamwork amongst the department.