Car Burglar Nabbed by Covert Officers

Damiel Strange

Damiel Strange

On June 11, 2014, at approximately 2:20 am, two Dallas officers were working in a covert capacity when they observed a suspect, later identified as Strange, Damiel B/M 9-9-77, ducking behind bushes located in the 13400 block of Coit Road.  The suspect was seen carrying a bag and placing property inside.  The officers requested additional covert officers to the location so that they could assist in their surveillance of the suspect. 

When the addition covert officers arrived at the location, the suspect was seen walking out of an alley; however, the officers subsequently lost sight of him. They were able to locate the bag the suspect was carrying behind a Toyota Camry that was parked near the 13500 block of Red Fern Lane.

The officers conducted surveillance on the bag to see if the suspect would return to pick it up. Within minutes, the covert officers observed the suspect get out of the Toyota Camry, pick up the bag, and walk down the street pulling car door handles as he walked.  Uniformed officers were called to the area and subsequently arrested the suspect in the 13400 block of Blossomheath Lane.  The suspect gave a false name. He was also in possession of a car stereo, a Garmin GPS, and other assorted property. 

The officers interviewed the suspect and he informed them that he had broken into a truck and car on Red Fern Lane.  At that location, the officers located a 93 GMC truck and a Toyota Corolla that had been burglarized.  The owners were able to identify their property that was taken from their vehicle and found in the suspect’s possession. The officers were unsuccessful in making contact with the owner of the Toyota Camry that the suspect was observed sitting inside.

The suspect was transported to the North Central Patrol Division where he refused to give a statement to detectives. He was transported to jail and charged with 2 counts of Burglary of a Motor Vehicle, Fail to Identify as a Fugitive, and Dallas County Probation Violation Assault warrant.  This arrest was documented on Dallas Police Case Number 140576-2014.