Security Guard Charged in Shooting


Jimmie Ray Rivers – 67

On the evening of June 17, 2014, shortly after 5:00pm, Jimmie Ray Rivers was working as an armed security guard at the Lancaster – Kiest Shopping Center, located at 3200 S. Lancaster Rd.  Mr. Rivers came across Mark Deckard walking through the parking lot and he confronted him.

The two began arguing and that argument escalated into a physical fight between the men.  Mr. Rivers drew his baton and and struck Mr. Deckard on the head.  At that time a witness says that Mr. Deckard displayed a screwdriver after which Mr. Rivers promptly shot Mr. Deckard multiple times.  Mr. Deckard fell and as he was getting up, Mr. Rivers shot him again.

Mr. Deckard was taken by ambulance to Methodist Hospital where he remains in stable condition.  Mr. Rivers was charged in this case because the evidence supported that he was the aggressor and that he initiated the physical confrontation.  There was no indication that Mr. Deckard attacked Mr. Rivers with the screwdriver. 

It does appear that the two knew each other previously although the specific nature of their argument is not readily apparent.