Elvis Has Left The Freeway

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Form the Left: DPD Officer Timmons, DSA Officer Pogue, DPD Officer Williams with “Elvis”

Right in the middle of the morning rush hour, a 10 year old German Shepard, who answers to “Elvis,” found himself in traffic. Dallas Police recieved many 911 calls regarding this dog traveling north bound on I-35.  Officer Charles Timmons, a five year veteran, and Officer Sharifa Williams, a 8 year veteran, were dispatched to the call.

When Officer Timmons arrived he observed  “Elvis” in the HOV lane, and pulled his squad car next to him. He tried to get “Elvis” to get into the back of his squad car. “Elvis,” who was obviously not wearing a leash and riding solo on the HOV lane, did not want to get fined and decided to walk south bound on the HOV away from the officer.



Officer Timmons informed Officer Williams of Elvis’ reluctance to heed his commands and she staged her squad car ahead of him in order to trap “Elvis.” Both Officers shut down the HOV lane. Officer Timmons followed “Elvis” as he walked away and stopped the cars behind him. Right at the split of I-35 and Highway 67, Officer Williams placed her car strategically so that “Elvis” couldn’t go to Highway 67. “Elvis” then decided to go toward the opening of I-35. Officer Williams quickly jumped over to the other side and talked to the dog. She asked him to stop and he listened.

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Officers Timmons and Williams from South Central Patrol.

The officers requested Dallas Animal Services to come out and join the efforts of saving “Elvis.” Officer Eric Pogue of Dallas Animal Services, a ten year veretan of DAS,  responded to the call. He called the dog by the name of “Elvis” and the dog responded by going over to Officer Pogue.

“Elvis” is currently under the excellent care of DAS located at 1818 Westmoreland Road. He will be placed on hold for three days and if his owner doesn’t come and get him, he will be put up for adoption.

Great job by our South Central Patrol Division Officers and the Dallas Animal Services! “Elvis” lives.