Officer Involved Shooting

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On June 26, 2014, at about 10:19 PM, officers were dispatched to multiple calls for police regarding a man walking down the street firing a gun near the 4900 block of Wadsworth Drive and Great Trinity Forest Way.

When the first officers arrived on scene, they immediately broadcast over the police radio that the suspect, Mr. Rodney Hodge Black male 10-19-1980, had a handgun.  They requested additional officers to report to the location with their lights and sirens.

Multiple officers responded to the assist call and established a perimeter.  Air 1, the police helicopter, covered the area from the sky.

For several minutes, Mr. Hodge paced back and forth along a fence line.  He also intermittently walked into the roadway of Great Trinity Forest where he periodically sat down, kneeled, and lay stretched out on the ground.

Throughout the ordeal, officers gave Mr. Hodges loud verbal commands including some using the PA system, but there is no indication that he engaged in conversation with any of the officers at the scene.  This continued for several minutes.  In the meantime, additional officers were able to retrieve a ballistic shield from the South Central Substation.  They also requested SWAT to the scene.

Mr. Hodge began walking westbound on Ledbetter.  Officers trailed from a distance using patrol vehicles and shields for protection.  The officers were calling out to Mr. Hodge by name offering him help.

Mr. Hodge turned southbound onto Greencrest Drive into a residential area.  As he walked down the street, he pointed his gun at group of people who were on their front porch.

Air 1 broadcast that Mr. Hodge had turned right onto Lantana which dead- ends into a cul-de-sac.  Mr. Hodge left the street and began walking toward a house near the end of the block.  The officers who were trailing Mr. Hodge stopped and positioned themselves behind the shield between two vehicles.  Two people who were on the street sought shelter in a parked car between where the officers were positioned and Mr. Hodge.  Officers directed the people to get down for their own safety.

Mr. Hodge turned and began walking directly at the officers with the gun in his hand. Officers gave specific loud verbal commands for Mr. Hodge to drop the gun.  However, Mr. Hodge continued to walk toward the officers and the adjacent parked car where the two people sought shelter.  Sergeant Edward Tena, Senior Corporal Joseph Bowling, and Officer Dameon Samson fired their weapons striking Mr. Hodges.  Mr. Hodges was pronounced deceased.  

Sergeant Edward Tena, #8444, is a 10 year veteran of the department.  Senior Corporal Joseph Bowling, #8285, is a 12 year veteran and Police Officer Dameon Samson #10139, has been on the department 4 years and four months.  All 3 officers are currently on administrative leave as per departmental policies.





On June 26, 2014 at about 10:19 PM officers responded to a call for police in the area of Great Trinity Forest Way and 4950 Wadsworth Drive regarding a man walking down the street shooting a gun. Officers arrived and observed the male with the gun. The suspect began pointing the gun at people nearby. Shortly after the suspect began advancing toward officers. Multiple officers fired their weapons striking the suspect. No officers were injured the suspect is deceased. Detectives are currently processing the scene and are interviewing a number of civilians and officers who witnessed the incident along with reviewing in-car video. The officers involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave as is practice in these situations. Additional details will be provided at 9:00 AM in the Media Relations Office at Jack Evans Police Headquarters.