“To Paint and Serve”

DSC_0005Many are used to seeing Dallas Police Officers dressed in shiny boots, creased uniform, badge and gun belt. Bright and early on this Saturday morning, they replaced their standard uniform and gun belt with work boots, work clothes and a tool belt.

Northeast Division Officers partnered with the Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF) to renovate a home in the Hamilton Park area of Dallas. Dallas Leadership Foundation hosts a city-wide community work day that helps people, who live within certain neighborhoods, with home renovations and neighborhood clean-up services free of charge.

The foundation volunteers consist of people from the focused neighborhood, churches and local businesses. Community and faith-based organizations meet with DLF over a six-month period to plan and manage the event. Volunteer Darren Hughes stated, “We need more neighbors helping each other in our communities.” Team Captain Angela Elam who was raised in the Hamilton Park Neighborhood said, “I was raised here and felt it was time to help out.”

DSC_0008Dallas Police Lieutenant Pamela Starr who volunteered for the event explained, “We have an excellent relationship with the community and with the consistent support we receive from the citizens it was a no brainer to volunteer for this event.” Dallas Officers who volunteered include: Officers Josh Cooper, Keyshela Phenix, Mia Castro, Amber Oliver, Katy Robinson, and Lieutenant Pamela Starr.

We all know that Dallas Police Officers protect and serve; today we also found out that they can paint.