No More Gambling…


On June 30, 2014, detectives from the Vice Unit concluded an investigation into an illegal game room operating in the 1300 block of Newport Avenue located in the Southwest Patrol Division (Beat 443). The department received numerous complaints regarding this location from crime watch volunteers, patrol officers, and council members. This location was a challenge to investigate due to different individuals working the front door and at times not allowing entry to the DPD undercover detective though the detective had previously entered and gambled, which is necessary to prosecution. The detective kept up the entry attempts and over time gathered enough of the required evidence and documentation to secure a Search & Arrest Warrant for this location.

The warrant was executed at 10:30PM on June 30th with the assistance of Sgt. Shirley and members of his squad from the Southwest Patrol Division. During the execution of this warrant, officers seized 31 illegal gaming machines, $4,656.00 in U.S. currency and 2 televisions used as monitors for the security cameras. This incident of Keeping a Gambling Place is documented on service number 157458-2014.