Cold Case Featured on Blog Solved

On July 07, 2013, complainant’s Vincent Flores (171876-A) and Osmin Flores (171932-A) were shot and killed at the Valero gas station located at 3434 Webb Chapel Ext.

During the initial investigation it was determined that a Latin male in his 20’s, driving a Black 4 door sedan shot the two cousins and fled Northbound on Webb Chapel Ext.  During the next several months, detectives interviewed at least 12 individuals that were said to have committed this offense, all with negative results.  The strongest lead available was the suspect vehicle which was caught on a video surveillance red light camera.   A witness also followed the suspect vehicle and gave a partial license plate; however, no vehicle was matched with this information.  By October 2013, all actionable leads had been exhausted.

In April 2014, Detective Raley used the Dallas Police Department Blog, THE DPD BEAT, to request information from the public on this cold case.  On May 01, 2014, Detective Raley was contacted by an individual who had knowledge of a possible suspect in this offense.  Detective Raley followed up on the information that he received and was able to verify specific details of the crime.  The individual also stated that they had read the story on the DPDBEAT-Cold Case link and realized that they had critical information regarding the Murders and contacted Detective Raley at the phone number listed on the website.

Detectives Raley and Yeric were able to identify the suspect in this offense.  Detectives received an affidavit from the suspect’s attorney admitting that he shot and killed the two cousins.

Detective Raley has filed a Grand Jury referral with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office.

This is the first Cold Case featured on DPDBEAT that has resulted in a detective being able to clear a case.