Dallas Police Department Chief Mechanic Karen Prevette Receives National Award

Every occupation has its jargon and in the City of Dallas, Air 1 is known for being our eyes in the skies. Picture this: a Dallas Police helicopter pilot soaring through the air, verbally guiding marked police vehicles as officers on the ground handle the situation at hand. This is not possible without a proper and fully functional aircraft. This is where the hard work, dedication and expertise of Chief Mechanic Karen Prevette is critical. Her skill-set is impeccable, which is why Karen Prevett received the 2014 Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Technical Specialist of the Year award in Phoenix, Arizona Friday, July 18, 2014.

Karen is no stranger to mechanical work. She served in the United States Army from April 1983 until November 1989, where she started as a helicopter mechanic and through her persistence, she promoted to the level of Inspector.

After leaving the Army, a federal government military contractor pursued her because of her indispensable craft, at which time she accepted a position as a senior flight mechanic and ultimately again achieved the level of Inspector.

In March 1998, Karen continued her quest to excel in mechanics and sought a career with the Dallas Police Department Helicopter Unit, where relentlessly she maintains Air 1 as our eyes in the skies.

Congratulations to Chief Mechanic Karen Prevette for this prestigious recognition.

Fellow police pilots Libby Cotner, Russell Brookshire and Sergeant Todd Limerick were the driving force behind the nomination.