Another Mystery Solved


The 4th of July is supposed to be about family, food and fellowship, not fraudulence. However, 86 year-old Mary Taylor, having the expectation of good treatment by honest people at the retirement home she resides, agonized through pain and suffering when she discovered her money and debit card stolen. But fortunate for Ms. Taylor, Dallas Police Detective Julian Adames was assigned the case.

Detective Adames researched bank records, found out where Ms. Taylor’s card was used illegally, and even got digital photographs from one transaction where a female suspect withdrew $500 from an ATM.

After getting the pictures, Detective Adames went back to the living facility and was able to identify the female suspect by speaking with other staff members. It was discovered that a certified nurse at this particular living and rehabilitation facility stole Ms. Taylor’s money and debit card. When the suspect refused to cooperate with Detective Adames, he got a probable cause warrant and coordinated with patrol officers to cause her arrest.

Credit Card Abuse Suspect PhotoThe suspect, identified as 21 year-old Racquel King, was transported to the Northeast Investigative Unit where she confessed to stealing Ms. Taylor’s money and debit card. The bank reimbursed Ms. Taylor; therefore, she suffered no financial loss from this incident. Detective Adames filed a misdemeanor charge on King, which is enhanced by one penalty grade because of Ms. Taylor’s age. Detective Adames gave the bank transactions to the Garland Police Department because the credit card abuse happened in the City of Garland.

Detective Adames’ good old fashion police work led to another case closed in the City of Dallas. This incident is documented on case number 161756-2014.