Stabbing Call Results in Officer Involved Shooting

The following is an update from the Officer Involved Shooting that occurred this morning (August 11, 2014) in the 3600 of Espanola Drive.

The involved officer is Senior Corporal Kevin Gladden.  Senior Corporal Gladden has been on the Department for 8 years and is currently assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division.  He has been placed on Administrative Leave per departmental policy.

The deceased has been identified as Jose Manuel Gonzalez L/M/7-1-1996.  Neighbors called for police after Gonzalez’ mother and grandmother escaped from their home after being assaulted by Gonzalez.  Gonzalez then assaulted his father and then retreated to the kitchen where he grabbed knives.  He returned moments later threatening to stab his father.  However, Gonzalez’ father was able to make his way outside.

Officer Gladden was the first to arrive at the scene and made contact with Gonzalez’ father.  Officer Gladden redirected his attention to Gonzalez as he exited the home.  Gonzalez approached the officer with both hands behind his back.  Witnesses at the scene informed the officer that Gonzalez was holding two knives behind his back.  Officer Gladden gave loud verbal commands instructing Gonzalez to show his hand and drop the knives.  However, Gonzalez began walking towards Officer Gladden refusing to follow instructions. Officer Gladden retreated, continuing to give loud verbal commands.  He retreated a distance of 3 to 4 houses before Gonzalez removed one of his hands from behind his back , displaying one of the knives.  It was at this point where Officer Gladden shot Gonzalez. 

Other responding Officers arrived shortly after the shot was fired to assist Officer Gladden.  As they attempted to take Gonzalez into custody, a struggle ensued.  Officers were forced to taze Gonzalez in order to bring him under control and remove the knives from his possession.

There were two kitchen type knives located at the scene where the shooting took place.  Gonzalez was shot one time.  The exact cause of death cannot be confirmed until an autopsy has been completed.

Several  witnesses have been interviewed and the investigation is ongoing.  Investigators are looking to conduct further interviews and also determine whether audio or video was captured.


Officers responded to a cutting call at 10:29 am at 3600 Espanola Drive.  When the first responding officer arrived at the location, the suspect, a L/M 18 yrs old met the officer in the front yard holding 2 knives. He approached the officer who then retreated down the block approximately 3 houses while he gave verbal commands to drop the knives. The suspect refused to drop the knives and the officer shot the suspect.

Responding cover officers subsequently tazed the suspect because he remained combative. The suspect involved is deceased. No officers were injured. Three family members were injured in the original cutting call and transported to local hospitals with non life threatening injuries. Two knives were recovered at the location.

At this time the Family Violence investigation is on going. Per department policy, the officer involved will be placed on administrative leave. The case number for this incident is 192550-2014.