Seven Aggravated Assaults on Public Servants

UPDATE: Yesterday at about 2:50 PM Dallas 911 operators received a call from the suspect, Douglas Leguin, involved in the incident on North 40 Place.  The suspect advised that that he was “seceding from the nation” because he was upset with the current state of the government. 

During the call he mentioned that he was heavily armed and that he had warned the individuals inside a house in the 5540 block of N. 40 Place to get out. 

 Those residents sought shelter inside the house and SWAT officers were able to rescue them once Explosive Ordinance Unit officers were able to dismantle the suspicious devices and bottles filled with some type of flammable liquid.  At this point, Detectives are uncertain as to why Leguin chose the particular house he did and continue to investigate the incident.

 Leguin has been charged with 7 counts of Aggravated Assault on Public Servants stemming from the shots he fired at 1st responders.  We are consulting with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regarding possible charges related to the suspicious devices found in the yard.

The investigation thus far indicates that Leguin acted alone and detectives have found no affirmative ties to any group or anti-government movement.

Update: The suspect charged with seven aggravated assaults on public servants is 60-year-old Douglas Lee Leguin. This incident is documented on case number 193069-2014.


dpd stock photoOn August 11, 2014, at approximately 3:00pm, Dallas Fire and Rescue responded to a call at Frankford and North Forty Place regarding a dumpster fire.  When DFR arrived, an unknown suspect shot rounds at the fire fighters, striking the fire engine at least twice.  The firefighters were not injured and were able to put out an assist. Dallas officers were dispatched to the location on an assist.  In the meantime, another call came out to the same location just moments prior the shooting.  However, the information in the call sheet was relating to a Want to Locate that originated from the Denton County Sheriff Department.  Officers dispatched on the Want to Locate where met with gun fire from the same suspect.  The officers were able to retreat, setup a perimeter, and then call for SWAT.

Unbeknownst to the first responder, the suspect had earlier approached a residence where a female adult and small child was confronted by the suspect.  The suspect made threatening remarks which made the female and small child retreat into the residence and seek shelter.

Upon SWAT arrival, the suspect subsequently surrendered.  The suspect left suspicious devices outside the residence at which time Explosive Ordinance Unit was called to the location and rendered the devices safe.      The suspect is in custody and will be charged with 7 count of Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant.  Other charges may be pending.