Public Access Police Reports Back Online

dpd stock photo

On June 1, 2014, the Dallas Police Department launched its new Records Management System which is used to house offense and arrest records.  During the transition to the new system crime information has not been available to the public.  The Dallas Police Department’s Public Report Portal will open Friday, August 15th, at 9:00 a.m.  This website represents a filtered version of the data contained within that application for the purpose of the sharing of non-sensitive data with the citizens of Dallas.  This data should not be used for statistical purposes as it only represents data that is releasable to the General Public.

 At this time, most reports normally available to the public will again be accessible via the internet thru the Dallas Police Department’s website,; however, it is possible that due to manual corrections that still need to be made, not all reports will be available at this time.  The Department is working to ensure all  information is available as soon as possible. 

 As we continue the transition to the new reporting format the amount of data will increase within the Open Data Portal to the point that only reports which should be filtered out will be available.  Reports that will not be available include the following:


  • Sexually oriented offenses
  • Offenses where juveniles or children (individuals under 17 years of age) are the victim or suspect
  • Listing of property items that are considered evidence
  • Social Service Referral offenses
  • Identifying vehicle information in certain offenses