Officer Involved Shooting at 13700 N. Central Exwy

Update on Officer Involved Shooting on North Central Expressway:

Eduardo Alarcon voluntarily reported to the Special Investigative Unit detectives today.  He was taken into custody on an outstanding Probation Violation for possession of marijuana.  SIU detectives interviewed Alarcon and later  placed him in Lew Sterrett with no additional charges.  Investigation continues.

Eduardo Alarcon L/M/02-15-1990 Probation Violation for Poss/Marijuana

Aug 27, 2014 @ 15:00
Update on Officer Involved Shooting on North Central Expressway:

On August 27, 2014, at approximately 12:38 A.M., witnesses state Suspect Sergio Ramos L/M/9-22-95 and a male accomplice attempted to rob Joseph Roling W/M/3-16-89 at the gas station located in the southeast corner of the business parking lot at 13739 North Central Expressway. 

During this confrontation, suspect Ramos shot Mr. Roling.  After being wounded, Mr. Roling drove his vehicle northbound from the gas station through the business parking lot.  Mr. Roling turned westbound toward the retail store.  Mr. Roling subsequently lost control of his vehicle and collided with several vehicles parked near the front door of the business.  Ramos pursued the victim through the parking lot in his vehicle and stopped near the collision.  Ramos, the male accomplice and two female witnesses were in the suspect vehicle.  Ramos and his accomplice exited their vehicle.  They approached Roling’s vehicle and reached inside.

Officer Jose Gamez #9827 had just completed an off-duty employment shift at the retail business and was sitting in his personal vehicle in the parking lot. Officer Gamez was unaware of the shooting which had just occurred.  The collision and suspicious activity had alerted him to investigate.  Officer Gamez drove toward the collision.  As he arrived, the accomplice got into the suspect vehicle as the driver and drove away, leaving suspect Sergio Ramos on foot. 

Officer Gamez followed the suspect vehicle southbound through the parking lot.  The vehicle stopped prior to entering Midpark Road.  The accomplice and witnesses exited the vehicle and walked to the front of the vehicle while the other witness approached Officer Gamez who had exited his vehicle.  Officer Gamez began speaking with the witness.  The witness stated that Officer Gamez identified himself as a police officer.  During this conversation, the accomplice and witness at the front of the suspect vehicle walked away from the location.

During this time, suspect Sergio Ramos had been walking towards Officer Gamez and the accomplices.  It is unclear whether Officer Gamez was aware of Ramos’ location prior to this time.  Ramos then entered the suspect vehicle and Officer Gamez approached him.  There was some discussion between Officer Gamez and Suspect Ramos.  As they spoke, Officer Gamez observed a firearm begin to protrude from the left front shorts pocket of Ramos.  Officer Gamez specifically told Ramos not to touch the firearm.  Ramos reached down and placed his hand on the firearm and Officer Gamez fired his weapon multiple times striking Ramos.  Ramos then drove across Midpark Road into an adjacent restaurant parking lot and collided with parked vehicles.

Roling and Ramos were both pronounced deceased by Dallas Fire Rescue.  Officer Gamez was not injured during this incident.  Video surveillance was obtained from surrounding businesses and is being reviewed.  SIU Detectives are actively pursuing leads to locate the accomplice.  A Capital Murder case will be filed on case #206094-2014.


On August 27, 2014, at approximately 12:40am, a disturbance between individuals in two vehicles at the gas pumps of the gas station located in the 13700 block of North Central Expressway. The disturbance was witnessed by an employee of the location. One shot was fired. One of the vehicles raced out from the gas pumps and wrecked into parked vehicles in the parking lot. One deceased male was subsequently discovered in the vehicle.

The suspects got out of the second vehicles when an off duty officer, who had just finished his shift working for business, walked out to investigate the incident. A number of suspects got back into the second vehicle and tried to flee the scene through the front drive of the business. The officer follows the suspect’s vehicle in his personal vehicle. They stopped before entering the street. As the officer reengages with the suspects, he noticed that one of the suspects was armed. The officer gave specific directions to the suspect regarding the firearm. The suspect then took an action that made the officer believe he was in imminent danger. The officer then discharged his weapon.

The suspect was able to drive off the parking lot and collided with other vehicles in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant. A firearm was recovered.

Two males are deceased at the location. Identities will not be released until next of kin notification has been made.