Sex Assault Suspects Arrested by SMU Police

shieldwhtbkg_master 000This offence did not occurred on the SMU campus.

This morning at around 4:30am, our victim, a L/F/15 was walking from one family members home on McMillan Ave to another family members home on East Side Ave.

Somewhere along the route, a van driven by a L/M approached the victim and offered her a ride. She accepted and entered the vehicle. When our victim entered the van, she noticed that there were two other L/Ms in the van that she had not seen. The suspects drove past East Side Ave and when she protested, the suspects began to physically and sexually assault the victim. The van continued to drive throughout the east and south Dallas area while the victim was being assaulted.

At around 6am, the suspects drove onto SMU’s campus and were reported to SMU police as suspicious and driving erratically. SMU Police Officers stopped the suspect van and the victim escaped from the suspects who were immediately placed into custody by SMU Police.

As a result of our investigation, the following three suspects are being charged with Aggravated Kidnapping F/1 and Holds for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). They are identified as:

Valencia-Hernandez, Braulio L/M/ 03/04/1979

Hernandez-Cabrera, Antonio L/M/ 06/12/1978

Bedolla-Munoz, Rogelio L/M/12/30/1956

The victim was treated at an area hospital and has been released to her family. This case is reported on 217252-2014.