Four Arrested in Organized Crime Spree

In the early morning hours of October 9, 2014, Central Patrol officers were dispatched to a call regarding a Burglary in Progress. The location of the call was Lemmon and Oaklawn Avenue. A witness called 9-1-1 when he heard glass breaking and turned to see two of the suspects kicking and hitting a window at Nail Works located at 3416 Oak Lawn Avenue. When the witness drove by, he observed two suspects inside the location by the cash register. The witness then saw the suspects leave the burglary location and get into a vehicle that had additional suspects. The witness was able to flag down officers as he was following the suspects and told the officers about the burglary and that the suspects were in the vehicle in front of the patrol car.

Officers William McCluskey, #9428 and Glen Hurst, #9388 observed the suspect vehicle the witness identified in front of them. They performed a felony (high risk) traffic stop at 1400 Broom Street based on the eyewitnesses account. Officers observed a flat screen television in the suspect vehicle as they were making the traffic stop. Inside the suspect vehicle were three male suspects, one female suspect, and an infant child.  The suspects were taken into custody and transported to the Central Investigative Unit to be interviewed.

During the investigation of the Nail Works burglary, two of the four suspects confessed and gave information about the additional burglaries that they had committed. Three burglaries were in Dallas and one occurred in Richardson. Officers recovered a BB gun, burglary tools and stolen property from the suspect vehicle. See below for case numbers and offense locations.

2014-00116917/Burglary: Cell4Sure 777 S. Central Expressway Richardson

242891-2014/Criminal Mischief: Highland Park Animal Hospital 5323 N. Central Expressway

242917-2014/Burglary: Basset Furniture 4528 McKinney Avenue

242941-2014/Burglary: Nail Works 3416 Oak Lawn Avenue

The four suspects were charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity which is a 3rd degree felony. They were transported to Lew Sterret Justice Center. The infant child was released to a family member. See below for the names of the suspects.

Baby Boy Hunder B/M/10-14-91

Tyson Forward B/M/5-12-89

Vera Hunter B/F/6-8-94

Darren Brown B/M/2-15-90

This is proof that “If you See Something, Say Something” works!