Safety Measures Given to DPD Officers for Communicable Diseases






The Dallas Police Department has long-standing policies regarding exposure to communicable diseases and blood-borne pathogens.  The policy explains ways that personnel can be exposed to the pathogens and reporting requirements for personnel who believe they have been exposed.

Additionally, the policy describes precautionary measures for personnel to minimize exposure to the pathogens such as by:

  • p3Use of surgical gloves
  • Washing hands immediately and thoroughly with warm water and soap
  • Bandaging any open wounds or cuts to avoid any direct contact with contaminated fluids
  • And, among other things, minimizing the chances of exposure by careful observation and awareness of subjects being dealt with, adequate sleep and nutrition and practicing good personal hygiene habits.

We have worked diligently to provide our officers with pertinent safety information. Specifically we have distributed to all our officers policies concerning communicable diseases and attached CDC guidelines concerning Ebola and personal protective equipment recommendations also from the CDC.